Getting Started

Welcome to Mapper for Myo!

As you know, the Myo armband comes with software called MyoConnect. MyoConnect uses pre-built Connectors that are created specifically for each application. With MyoConnect alone, you are limited to the connectors that are available on the Market. Mapper for Myo removes this limitation by allowing you create your own custom profiles for applications and games.

A few things to do before you jump in...

1. Make sure your Myo Armband is charged and turned on.
2. Your status in the MyoConnect Armband Manager should be "Connected."
3. Turn off the MyoConnect gesture overlay.
Note: Mapper for Myo has its own gesture overlay.

Too many cooks in the kitchen...

If MyoConnect and Mapper for Myo are trying to control the same application at the same time, they will conflict with each other.

If you have a Connector for an application, but you want to create your own custom profile using Mapper for Myo, open the MyoConnect Application Manager, and either delete the Connector or disable it by moving the switch to the 'off' position.

While you're in the Application Manager, make sure the Keyboard Mapper and Presentation Mode are Inactive. If Mapper for Myo and MyoConnect are both sending input to an application at the same time, things can get confusing.

Let's build your first profile together!

Where do we go from here?

Expand your skills with these other helpful videos!
Get familiar with how Auto-Connect works: Watch Now
Learn how to use the Utility features(Pro version only): Watch Now

Explore The Profile Place to download new profiles, they are free! After you import them, you can see how they are built and experiment by making changes.