Pro Features

Unlimited Profiles

Create unlimited profiles to control as many applications as you like.

Gaming Mode

Interact with your games in a way that has not been possible until now.


Profiles run automatically as programs come into focus.
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Utility Events

Utilities allow you to perform non-application specific actions such as changing window focus(like ALT+TAB) or switching profiles.
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Custom Motion Triggers

Create custom triggers that cause events to fire based on your movement.
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Compound Triggers

Combine your gestures and motion to create an almost infinite number of powerful compound triggers.
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Unlimited Events

Load your mappings up with unlimited events to maximize your control.

Event Repeat with Acceleration

Schedule events to repeat while you hold gestures and control repeat acceleration.

Triple Phase Event Triggering

Control when your events execute. As you begin the gesture, while you hold the gesture, or when you release the gesture.
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