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BitShift Interactive is a Full Stack Development provider, established in 2008. We focus on delivering great user experiences and putting quality first.

Lead by Sr. Developer James Wiley, with more than 20 years experience, we use modern development techniques to produce solutions that are maintainable, scalable, and performant.

From small static websites, to multi-platform enterprise applications, our goal is to provide our clients with solutions that meet their needs now, and can grow with their needs of the future.

Let's build something great together!

Flexible Services

BitShift Interactive provides end to end, full stack development services.

Responsive Web

We employ all modern strategies to make your site or application look and feel great on the varying device sizes and shapes available today.

Android Development

Native Android applications, built to strict standards, utilizing the latest Android design patterns and techniques.

Project Management

Using Agile Methodology, we will organize your project into manageable pieces. You control the priority of those pieces.

Systems Architecture

Small and large projects alike, may have multiple parts that need to work together. Our modular architecture design provides maintainable results.

Data Management

We provide a scalable central data hub to promote the synchronization of data across multiple platforms and applications.


All communication with your database is done through a set of secure API endpoints. This improves maintainability by limiting data manipulation to a single source of blame.

And More...

We are constantly adding new skills and services. If the service you need isn't listed here, call us anyway. Chances are, we know somebody that can help us help you!


Project pricing varies based on scope.

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